Networking activities support the SCSRT’s own activities, and facilitates linkages with other organizations in other sectors, including government agencies. Ultimately, networking enable SCSRT to develop more effective and innovative programmes and projects.

Email to for networking and associating with us.

Who can Join?
  • Organizations interested in rural development can join SCSRT.
  • Faculty/students/scientists can join SCSRT and help advance rural technologies in India.
  • Corporations and multinational companies can join as a part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and help advance rural technologies in India.
  • Organizations can participate in three different ways.
Type of Organizations
  1. Associate Organizations: Associate organizations are part of SCSRT team and provide external help, services and support.
  2. Donors: Donor organizations provide external help, services and support along with financial assistance.
  3. Partner: Organizations collaborate with SCSRT for providing specific services and have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement.
Associate Organizations

Donor Organization