Veedhanta Biotech Pvt Ltd India announces student projects and internships in collaboration with SCSRT.

Veedhanta Biotech India Pvt Ltd, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India announces various internship projects for students in collaboration with SCSRT.


The Sevas Centre for Sustainable Rural  Technologies (SCSRT), Sevas Educational
Society, a Non Governmental Organization offers
two weeks internship to students, faculty and
researchers in advanced algal technologies.

Two weeks student project/internship programme
includes below topics.

  1. Optimization of algae oil production - 12000/- 
  2. Growth and optimization of algae Biomass - 8000/-
  3. Bio-accumulation and bio-remediation  - INR 15000/-  
  4. Algae automation using Arduino  - INR 15000/- 
  5. Algae wall and architecture etc. 
For complete list of more than 100 project works or internship topics, students have to visit our centre or can mail to Student will be given unique project work. The above list is only outlook or broad area but full project titles will be on par with International Standards.

The student project/internship programme on advanced algal technologies – INR 8000/- to INR 50000/-.

About Internship

1. SCSRT allows students to publish their work in the form of thesis book or publication in any international or national journals with acknowledgment. Guidance will also be given for conversion of the project work into Bachelor/Master/PhD degree thesis book.
2. Experiments will be conducted under the supervision of experts from industry and academia.
3. The internship fee includes all chemicals, glassware and other accessories required for smooth completion of the project work. In case of any other requirements, students can directly contact to
4. Special research topics will also be allowed after taking prior permission from the SCSRT with special charges.
5. Paid accommodation will also be provided to the students.
6. Students will have hands on training on the growth, optimization and production of organisms and along with certificate from Veedhanta Biotech India Pvt Ltd.

How to Apply?

Email to for applying to this internship/project program. 


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